How To Grow A Beard

How to grow a beard

Okay, so you want to finally throw away those razors and be an Outlaw.  Well don't throw away the razors just yet.  Hold on.  I know what you’re thinking. "I'm tired of them!"  Well you won't need them for much, just some trimming.  "Whew," huh?

Mens Beard Styles

Growing a beard is a "rite of passage" for men.  The start of your beard journey sometimes begins with issues and ends before it starts.  The dry, itchy skin.   With the right beard care products, this journey can be a pleasant one. 

The first thing you need to do in your beard journey is to decide what kind of beard you are interested in growing.  There are many styles.
Mens Beard Styles

After deciding which style of beard you want, put the razor down.  Well it's not that simple.  But really, let your beard start growing.  Also you will want to buy some Beard Oils that will promote facial hair growth and beard health.  They will also deter the itchy, dry skin as well as ingrown hair.

As your beard hair starts growing, and depending on what beard style you are going for, you can start to trim your beard.  Unless you are going for some of the more full beard styles, like the "Full Beard, The Old Dutchman, The Garibaldi, or The Bandholz".  On these beard styles I would recommend not trimming for at least 2 months.  After the 2 month period, I would trim my neckline only.

The shorter style beards will take more maintaining as far as clippers or razor shaving.  The full beard styles will take clipper shaping after 3-5 months of beard growth, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.  Clipping and shaving will need to be done by another person until you can get used to doing this yourself.  It will take some practice.  There's nothing worse than being months and years in to your beard journey and taking a big chunk out.  "UGH"

The shorter beard styles should still use Beard Oils.  The fuller beard styles will want to buy some Beard Balms as well.  These are great for facial hair shaping and hold.  And don't forget the great fragrance both Beard Oils and Beard Balms have.

One other product that is needed for your beard, whether it is a shorter beard style or a full beard style, is Beard Wash.  Washing your beard with regular soap or hair shampoo is bad.  They strip your facial hair of the natural oils.  Beard Wash is specially formulated to clean your beard of all the dirt, residue, and dead skin, but not strip away the natural hair oils.

Just remember, keep your facial hair and skin healthy and nourished.  Your beard journey will be less prickly.  Before you know it, you too will have that Outlaw beard you have always wanted.